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Got to try this last night. Started off with the typical young, bold, big Ardbeg peat that I love. Mid-palate was nice as well with some salty cracker notes as the Manzanilla kicked in and began to turn sweet.

Unfortunately, the finish ruined it for me and I use that term loosely. This is no Galileo flop, a solid dram for sure, but the finish turned a bit sappy/borderline cloying and after 30-45 seconds....chalky. And I HATE chalky.

Looks like I'll be passing on another Ardbeg release. It pains me to say that.
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Have to agree with Josh here - esp. for $100 a bottle. Had a chance to sample this earlier this week and loved the nose and palate and with water the peat subsided some and a nice malty/fruitiness emerged. But the finish wasn't there for me either - chalky is a good description; kind of bitter/salty to me.
Bitter and Salty is exactly what the finish is to me, and not at all in a good way. This is the first Ardbeg I've tasted that I just didn't want to have another pour of right away. While I didn't love Galileo I did think it was better than the bog for sure, Galileo at least had a lot of the smoke which I love in ardbeg, I didn't find so much of that in the bog, just an overpowering sweet and saltiness. I sure hope they have a lot of aging casks there with the plan for an eventual age statement because if they keep releasing the same ole 10-12 year old tweaked with a few sherry casks or some other finish they're going to lose fans and customers real fast!