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Yeah I had another run in with Dans about that! Most stores still have the 101, but are advertising the 81 with no stock until all 101 is sold! At best its misleading and at worst its false advertising! They want people to do more online shopping, but you think youre buying 81 and 101 comes to your door! Not a bad thing I suppose but, you want what you order!
Very interesting.
Yep your right about the online push, while buying the dozen WTs at my local i asked about the elmer t lee and if they could bring it in from another store for me "nah mate just order online" no worries...unfortunately these guys have a stranglehold on the trade, even my bar owner mates find it cheaper to buy from then than suppliers.

Having a sweet tooth moment so knocked together a new creation of mine, I call it "Smokey The Bears Balls"
In a large lowball glass or old fashioned glass place two rounded ice cubes (i have XL ice trays and roughly shape the cubes with a couple whacks in the mortar and pestle
To this add 1oz barenjager honey liqour, 0.5 oz bernheim wheat whiskey and 0.5 oz laprhoaig quater cask, ten year would work also but i would add a splash more due to the lower proof, or use any other super smokey scotch like talisker10, stir in glass to combine well.
I initially just combined the barenjager and laprhoaig but found the contrast between the two was too great, i settled on the bernheim as i wanted to add another layer of depth to transition the flavours but i didnt want to confuse the palate with rye, OWA or makers 46 would be worth a try, or even a sherry cask finished scotch like a tobermory could be pretty interesting, anyway it turned out pretty good, big smack of honey, bit of oak mid palate and a clean smokey finish.