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    Re: What accounts for bourbons of same proof having such big differences in heat/burn

    I have always wondered how the yeast reacts with certain tannins and trigger this adverse effect?I understand the use of different yeast strains as used in the different FR's products across the boards and how they interact with the two different mashbills which always seems to work,but in the Beams what is the inconsistency derived from?I will have to fully agree that KCSB is one of the most inconsistent and potentially hottest bourbons on the market,whats the trigger?I always associate hot/dry and prickly heat and KCSB has it to the hilt with any given off barrel and I know I'm not the only one,Brisko has already covered it as well.I will once again have to agree in that I have never had another bourbon that water has only heightened the burn/heat like the KC,so really what gives?
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    Re: What accounts for bourbons of same proof having such big differences in heat/burn

    Quote Originally Posted by Bmac View Post
    Most of the low end bourbons are all burn. That and Woodford Double Oaked. It's like a flash of flavor and then prepare for pain...
    I bet if you stop drinking for a month and started back, you'd feel the burn again.
    or take a big gulp of stagg and anything after that would be smooth??

    IMO, burn comes from proof, but then ya get burn and bite (something different) from other things as well. the woodford double oak gives more bite from tannins. as noted, heads & tails also give burn. we're talking about alcohols other than ethanol, esters, aldehydes, ethers, carboxylic acids (bite again). note that these heads & tails congeners are also what might give more hangover, but then also give more interest to the drink.



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