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    Re: Tallahassee folks - is this your home store?

    Higher proof is the only common ground that comes to mind.

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    Tallahassee folks - is this your home store?

    I found a few similarities between VOBBIB and OGDBIB yesterday. And I definitely see similarities with Baker's and 114. But at the cost 114 is pretty hard to match by anything I know of.

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    Re: Tallahassee folks - is this your home store?

    Quote Originally Posted by Flyfish View Post
    Just curious, Mike, about those three bottles that are supposed to be similar to OGD 114. I find it among the most distinctive bourbons on the market and the only one close I can think of is OGD BIB. Who are those other distillers?
    Flyfish, IIRC, the brands pointed out were Knob Creek (the high proof Market Square bottling), Bookers and I don't recall the third one (sorry). I was reaching for the Knob Creek as it was the first mentioned and was lost in the glitter of the "Market Square" supplemental label on the bottle. Having said that, I'm ready to share my tasting experience re: OGD114 in another thread...since we're now in July, I'm ready for my next bottle and I may be heading up there tomorrow. When I make it there, I'll inquire again to ask what profiles are like the OGD114, and post....thanks.
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    Re: Tallahassee folks - is this your home store?

    Hope to see you there this evening.



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