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    Getting these custom Glenairns for big 4-0 trip

    Three of my best/oldest friends and I turn 40 the next 10 months. To celebrate, we're meeting up a Dude Ranch in Colorado this weekend. Seven days of horseback riding, whitewater rafting, shooting, fishing, camping, etc. It is going to be epic.

    I'm in charge of introducing my these Scotch- and beer-drinking plebes to bourbon.

    This morning, I decided to order customized Glencairn glasses for us. A quick Googling led me here and Dave Coffey has been graciously helping me make this a reality.

    The gods are smiling on me because Dave lives between the Denver airport and where we're staying the first night, so I can pick up the glasses in-person.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that all turns out well and we have the best trip of our lives.

    P.S. The attached photo is my own Photoshop retouching job. I expect final product to vary in appearance.
    P.P.S. For those scratching their heads... one guy is a Navy doctor, another is wrapping up his Ph.D, the third is a huge Simpsons fan, and I'm a Big Lebowski fan and Chinese.
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