It has been a while since I have posted. Can you believe I let work and family life get in the way of SB. The nerve.

Any who, I am heading down to Charleston, SC in a couple of weeks. I have searched the web and SB, and it looks like there are some good places to enjoy whiskey in Charleston. If I were willing to shell out some cash it appears Husk is the place to go for any whiskey my heart desires. Although I don’t think I want to pay $50 for a pour of something no matter how evasive it is to find on the shelves. Has anyone visited Boone’s Bar? It also got good reviews for whiskey, although their websites list doesn't look all that impressive. It appears that some of the city bars put together a “bourbon tour” with certain bars to hit to try different bourbons. Although, from their list it appears I could taste most of those in my basement.

So I thought I would tap the great minds here to see if there are any suggested spots to check out.
Also, since I live in a Ohio, a state known for liquor control, I was wondering if SC is any better? Or WV or Virginia for that matter, since I will be passing through those on the drive. Any good liquor stores SB or bourbon friendly in Charleston or along the I-77 corridor between OH and SC?

Thank you in advance for your help.