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The article is about our wheated bourbon, right at 5 years old, in 53 gallon barrels. We have a wheat whiskey which is not far off from that whiskey, but lighter on purpose. The thing that makes good wheated bourbon for us among a few other things is they grow a fine white winter wheat here, has a flavor like nothing else. I often wonder if S-W used white wheat. It would be out, but government label approval is slow right now. The pure pot still is an irish style, which is hard to get right now. Be a while before we hit GA. All we can do to keep the northeast in whiskey right now.
Thought I would move this out of the other thread but the prior Finger Lakes thread has closed.

So is the bourbon you currently have out all wheated bourbon or is there both a wheat and rye mashbill? I see the bourbon being carried on some of the internet seller sites so I was considering picking some up the next time I place an order but I wanted to be sure I knew what I was going to be getting! One site had the pure pot still, bourbon and the rye whiskey whilst another had just the rye and corn whiskies in stock.

I presume the bourbon they have is an earlier batch but is it the wheat bourbon from standard barrels?