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    Nice Try, Better Luck Next Time

    The Lexington Herald Leader is making a deliberate effort to increase its coverage of the state's whiskey industry. That's a good thing.

    And it was a nice idea to publish data sheets on each of the state's distilleries, using a standard format. Too bad it's riddled with errors.

    Their disclaimer says the facts all came from the distilleries but I find it hard to believe Heaven Hill supplied the wrong URL for the Larceny website, for example. (It's www.larcenybourbon.com, not www.larceny.com.)

    Nice try, better luck next time.

    There's a companion story with the headline, "Louisville distillery joins Kentucky Bourbon Trail." It's about the Evan Williams Experience in Louisville, which is a visitors' center, not a distillery, although a small still will be part of the 'experience.' I don't blame the story's author for that, as reporters rarely write their own headlines. The editor is to blame for that one.

    Nobody these days has fact checkers.
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