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    Re: Hello from Atlanta, Georgia.

    Welcome aboard! I am in your general area and second the Dekalb Bottle House on Briarcliff just north of Clairmont. Really nice staff and small but growing selection. Thaey just did a fabulous whiskey tasting and hope to do more in the future. Toco Giant in Toco Hills Shopping Center is one of the biggest in the area and has a decent selection with a recent FR barrel pick and occasional hard to find bottles (Also just expanded there already large beer selections). Used to go there a lot but my contact is no longer there and I only stop by periodically now to see what is happening. Tower on Piedmont near I-85 has a good selection of most everything but a long waiting list for limited bottles. And downtown there is a Green's on Ponce near the old Sears building although the bourbon section seems a bit underwhelming. Good beer choices though.

    I have never been to the Smoke Rise shop. I guess I need to at least check it out.
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    Re: Hello from Atlanta, Georgia.

    Welcome aboard. You definitely want to try and make a GBS meeting soon!
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    Re: Hello from Atlanta, Georgia.

    Welcome. glad you found this place and you will be too. your wallet will curse you though. What is this Atlanta place you speak of? sounds dangerous! but not as dangerous as the GBS
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    Re: Hello from Atlanta, Georgia.

    Just stay back from the fire, and close your eyes really tight when you and the goat . . . well . . . aw shucks, we don't want to ruin the surprise!
    Gary (aka 'Country')
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    Re: Hello from Atlanta, Georgia.

    Haha - looking forward to it! Thanks again for the recs. I was in the neighborhood of the H&F bottle shop today and dropped in. Pretty small selection of good stuff, but seemed a bit on the pricier side. Smoke Rise has some of the best prices I've seen and a pretty decent selection.



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