Is there any interest in a Foreign Whiskey of the Month? I really enjoy reading through the BoTM threads - even given the number of different bourbons featured at this point. I personally drink whiskies across the spectrum - or wondered if there would be enough appetite or interest in picking a foreign dram to focus on each month. My thought is that there are at least 30-40 whiskies readily available, in almost all markets, which would support at least three years of FWOTMs. Of course there are hundreds of choices and variations so that we could feature a new FWOTM every month and never repeat one. Not sure what should be the first one - Macallan 12? Laphroaig 10? Talisker 10? Glenmorangie? Islay Mist? Amrut? The list could be endless. What do you think?