We are going to go ahead and introduce a Foreign Whisky of the Month. Starting at least for the first few months as a Distillery, could in the future be specific bottlings but since most of us here are bourbon-centric I agreed that focusing on an entire distillery might make some strict bourbophiles a little more apt to try something from a different land.

Sorry this is going to be a short month for this one so in light of that I wanted to choose one that I think would definitely be worth coming back to in a year or two; the Balvenie. In my opinion some of their expressions are a lot more approachable for one who typically drinks only bourbon. And I think we all can admire they still do most, if not everything, themselves - oh, and they're not owned by Diageo.

Balvenie is one of the few distilleries - other than Ardbeg of course - which I currently have more than 1 bottle open of at the moment. I currently have the 17 year Peated Cask and a Single Barrel 15 year bottled in 2001 which I find incredible. I've actually been treating that akin to a bottle of Weller 19, only having it occasionally because I know I'll never find it again.

Please discuss and feel free to make suggestions about what is a good starting point. Obviously the 12 year is probably very attainable in most places and a good starter bottle for just about anyone who isn't already familiar with The Balvenie.