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Did a tasting at a friend's house last night.......

Jefferson's Small Batch: Not bad, but nothing I'd run out and buy. I will have to try the Reserve at some point to see if I like it better.

Black Maple Hill NAS: Really loved this stuff and I knew nothing about it until doing some research today. I was surprised about all the controversy regarding this brand. I had no idea regarding all the hype with this bourbon. I read some really interesting threads here from the past several years. I'm glad I tasted it before knowing because I probably would have wondered if the hype had affected my perception. I'll have to try to search out a bottle of this stuff but I understand it's in short supply.

Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch: This was my favorite pour of the evening. Nice up front bite with a perfect finish.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit: Very good and in my opinion, better than the standard 101. I'll probably be picking up a bottle of this too.

Elmer T. Lee: Didn't care for this at all. It was just too spicy for my taste.

I'm definitely interested in trying those two I bolded (CEHT:SmB and ETL). I can get the CEHT here, but not ETL (hoping to rectifiy that during a trip to Cali next weekend).

I've heard the ETL is big on caramel... Were you able to detect any of that?

Any more in depth notes on the CEHT would be appreciated too.