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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    Wild Turkey American Spirit. Fifteen years of delicious.

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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    Brethren, it's been a hell of a week.

    The Bruins let a crucial game slip by basically faceplanting instead of protecting their lead at the end of the third period. Congratulations Blackhawks and their fans, that was a great series. The Bruins played a great postseason, but fell short at the final hurdle trying to live on to a game 7.

    The fiscal year at my office officially closes on June 30th. Makes for crazy time at work. So does having a consultant in with me at my desk, cramming a week and a half worth of work into three days. No spirits all week as I needed every ounce of awakeness and brain power for work.

    Yesterday afternoon, DW texted me and told me to go look at the business newswire. This could mean only that either her company was declaring bankruptcy and going out of business, or they were being bought up by another company. It was the latter. Changes are on the way, and the signs don't look exceptionally positive. We got to sleep early, and I went in to the office with her at 5am to help set up for the big all-hands meeting.

    So now I'm sitting out in the screen porch with my feet up, enjoying a hefty, generous pour of WTRRSBSB on ice, cooling down, unwinding, and thinking about sleep soon. Tomorrow we help some long-time family friends pack up their house, as they're downsizing and moving to an apartment nearby.

    Maybe I'll have a second pour...

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    What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    That's quite a few resting in the fire... Best wishes for some good news in the mix.

    I started Friday a bit late with some OGD114, then a 1:1 SB blend, and a 2:1 ECBP/EC12

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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    Betting prairie meadows (and losing) and drinking rock hill farms.

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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    Sitting back with a big pour of Booker's. I'll probably only need one!

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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    SB rip-off blend, 1:1 OWA and Old Fitz 12 year.

    Hitting the spot. I also bought some ginger beer since its so hot, some Knob may have to go into that later.

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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    Poured a WT 101 (bottled '05-gift pack with glasses) after nachos, wings and a beer at the neighborhood saloon with Mrs. Comp. The bird couldn't get off the ground, maybe it was the slice of watermelon I also had upon returning home, so I set the glass aside and switched over to a sip of El Dorado 15 and then some Arbeg 10. Followed up with some delish ORVW 10 (latest bottling) and then got back to finishing that WT 101 which is off the ground and soaring .
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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    Back home from the ballpark, listening to the post game on the radio with a big neat pour of 4R 120th.

    Wag more.
    Bark less.

    "Every bottle is its own learning experience." -- Sensei Ox-sama

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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by squire View Post
    It's Friday so I poured a little Old Grand Dad.

    squire's daily post....... just fill in morning, lunch, dinner, day of the week, weather pattern, astrology sign, moon phase, venus retrograde, etc....

    "it's ________ so I poured myself some OGD.
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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    Wrapping up a crazy week with High West APR followed by Elmer T. Lee. The ETL gets better with every pour.



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