yeti, id like to hear more about your moonshine/pineapple/strawberry! i probably love a strawberry pina colada more than any drink. let the girl jokes begin!

squire, i cant see the enthusiasm for the OGD BIB. Im having a shot of it back to back with some VOB BIB and i can barely tell the difference. Neither are anything to scoff at, but im not sure ill be replacing either when they run out, which wont be long. im still new to all this, and i seem to like upper level Beam stuff more than anything (bookers, bakers, KC 120), and to a lesser extent, the OGD 114. Every few weeks i get a bottle of something new and have a shot of it back to back with something else i have here and compare what i like better than what and why. the loser generally doesnt get replaced, and the winner is then compared to the next new one. Fighting cock is next on my to-try list.

seeing that i like upper level Beams, and 100+ proofers, what do you guys suggest I try next?