Last night:
1. WSR (tasting this bottle for the 4th time and have been open 6 months or more, still not enjoying it)
2. WSR7 (just ok. Not something I'd reach for. Guess this bottle will be open a while)
3. WSR7 older bottle style with older label from mid 2000s (just great stuff! Superior mouthfeel and flavor to the other two! Glad I have more in the bunker)
4. EWSB 1997 (just bought this the other day and wanted to try it. I have found that I like EWSBs just ok. I've tried 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002 and they are all ok but none of them really sang to me)
5. Finished the night with a pour of ECBP 137 proof (just an amazing pour and value!)