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That does sound good - I really like OFS, and can only imagine how it'd be at barrel proof!

Decided to repeat a past taste off of AAA 10 yr versus AAA 10 star in a blind SBS. Still leaning towards the 10 star. Next time, going to dilute the 10 star to 86, as I think those 4 little proof points are giving it an unfair advantage On the nose, I get more oak from the 10 yr as one might expect, but not as much caramel as I do in the 10 star. The taste is quite similar as well, but I find the 10 star to have just a bit more "bite", which I like. Adding a couple drops of water to each separates the men from the boys, but again - not fairly. The 10 yr doesn't take even a few drops well, and is diluted and thin, where the 10 star is just as nice, maybe even a bit better.
I'm with you in preferring 10 Star over 10yr, especially in regards to dilution.