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    Re: What bourbon are you drinking? Summer 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by hn4bourbon View Post
    Sipping on a good sized pour of jps18 batch 16. It's not quite doing it for me tonight even though it was great last night...*note to self, never make a big pour on the first pour. Sip on small pour and go with bigger pour when it proves to suit my palate that night*
    I finished my pour of jps18 and moved one to a couple of SB blends. The first one being OWA:W12:FRSB(1:1:0.5) and then OWA:W12:FRSB(3:1:0.5). The former resembles the jps18 in taste profile but younger but the latter resembles the jps18 even more. The latter is really close other than tasting like it is younger juice!

    edit: gosh! As I keep sipping on this SB blend, the more it likens to the profile of the jps18. Of course it has a younger juice presence but man is it close in taste profile!!!
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