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    Finally did side-by-side tonight of the two Willett 24's and the Hirsch 22:

    The two Willett24's definitely share traits that are closer to each other versus the Hirsch22.

    All three open up on the palate with the characteristic well-aged rye notes of spice & wood... The Willetts are fruitier & sweeter (the 55%'er being the biggest fruit bomb of the three) while the Hirsch22 is oakier/tannic/leathery in comparison - there's a family resemblance between all three but based on taste alone, I'd have guessed the Hirsch22 is the oldest of the three.

    Adding two drops of water each (from a coffee stirrer straw), the nose opens up and amplifies existing aromas. The Willett24/47% gets a little watered down, the Hirsch22 is about the same and the Willett24/55% gets even sweeter.

    They're all stunning ryes and I count myself lucky to have been able to try these.
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