A couple of cocktails last night at dinner in addition to exploration of a variety of bottles that I brought with me. Helps that the bar manager is a friend and it helps even more that I share everything I bring with her! In addition to my two new arrivals from Holland I had AE Rye, Ratafia de Champagne and two port style wines, Malamado, a malbec from Argentina and Sand-Reckoner, a fortified zinfandel from the middle of nowhere in Arizona (Willcox, AZ). Who knew there were so many winerys in SE AZ? And that one makes a port!

First cocktail was an Allegheny. I keep forgetting to get a picture of the menu but it is a sous vide cocktail (basically slow cooked for 2 days at low temperature) with ER10SB bourbon, lemon juice, fresh blackberries and probably another ingredient or two. The blackberries basically explode during the cooking and the juice melds with everything else. Delightful!

Also had a Maloney No. 2 which is credited to John Durr in Louisville, KY.
1.5 oz BIB bourbon (Evan Williams I think)
1.5 oz sweet vermouth (my go to is Carpano. Cocchi di Torino is in the original recipe)
0.75 oz of the ever popular Cynar
0.5 ox of Luxardo maraschino liqueur

I had it up with an orange twist. Very nice!