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Yes, thank you for the recipe. As much as I enjoyed it, being a fan of bitter and peated, I don't think I'd serve it to someone that wasn't a fan of at least one of those flavors.

Get yourself some coupes! The cocktail kingdom ones are relatively cheap and are sturdy enough for bar use. I also use them at home when I don't trust my guests with the fancy antique crystal stuff.

Science is fun? "What?" I guess I tend to shy away from many of the cutting edge techniques and gadgets that have come out over the last few years. I still enjoy the drinks and love learning about the processes. However, I find I most often need to make drinks in situations that don't allow much in terms of preparation or tools. Also, I spend so much time focused on technology during my day job, I find it very rewarding to shift that focus at night to making things that are more about aesthetics and being hand-crafted. I love the look on someone's face when I make something beautiful right in front of them and get the "mmmm" nod after they take the first sip.
Yes. As the name suggests, this cocktail is not for beginners.

I looked at CK's. As I recall, they had two sizes. The larger one had the profile I was looking for, but I believe was too roomy for my needs; around 7.5 oz or so. The one that had a more reasonable capacity did not look like a scaled down version of the former, but a different and less attractive design altogether.

When I'm in a position to host people more frequently, aesthetics will take the front seat. Being a proper host is more important to me than technically fascinating diversions. Right now, fitting glassware is mostly to satisfy my anal desire for propriety.