There was discussion in another thread about how Dark Horse from Alberta Springs is blended.

I thought this might be a good thread to discuss do-it-yourself blending. Because this can include non-whisky components such as syrups and sherry, I am placing it here in the Non-Whiskey Alcohol category. Therefore too, I exclude vatting from this discussion, since it entails combining all straights, and is addressed in other threads.

One of the things I sometimes do is "improve" (i.e., by my lights) an existing blend. A simple example is adding one or more malts to a bottle of (blended) Scotch. So, one can add to and "adjust" a bottle of a given brand, or confect from scratch a blend using various types of whisky, non-whisky spirits, wines, and/or flavourings of various kinds (sugars, spices, fruits, etc.).

I bought a Dark Horse yesterday. Each bottle IMO is slightly different: some are deeper in flavor, some smoother, some seem to have more straight whiskey character, etc.

The current bottle I bought seemed a little thin in all departments so to speak, so with some 3-4 ounces consumed, I topped up the bottle with 2 ounces of bourbon (Buffalo Trace), an ounce or perhaps less of Lot 40, and a dash of an Oloroso sherry I keep in the fridge. I figured it has enough of the non-straight type of whiskey (the 12 year element), plus the bottle was full so I stopped.

It's great! The flavour is on the same dimension as the Dark Horse but richer, deeper, with a similar nutty sweetness from the sherries. Any of you guys would really like it.