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    Re: The French Spirits Forum- Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados

    Quote Originally Posted by compliance View Post
    KL Wines 2014 brandy selections are showing up now. Anyone grab some? Find any winners? I ordered the1986 Domaine de Pouchegu 27 Year, but I don't live as close as I used to so it takes me forever to pick up these days.
    In case you guys didn't see SKU's blog today (Tues), he did reviews of the K&L Baraillons, Laballes, and Pouchegu and will continue with reviews of the Pellehauts tomorrow and then some if the Cognacs in the following days. While I find the K&L descriptions to be accurate, SKU's reviews are generally a little more to my taste. He had overall good things to say about all of them but his favorites were the '74 and '88 Baraillons, and the '86 Pouchegu. So Compliance, you probably picked a good one.

    I have ordered a number of these brandies, and recently opened the two below. My notes probably aren't as reliable as the aforementioned blogger but here it goes:
    - Baraillon 20yr: smells very similar to what I'd expect from a 20yr bourbon but there's a little more sweetness, which gives it away as brandy. This starts fairly sweet on the palate with and develops into a nice woody note by the end, which lingers for some time. Pretty solid but not as good at the '96 Pellehaut (I still have one open from last year to compare).
    - Pellehaut '78: Much different profile here than the Baraillon. Much less sweetness, more earthy flavors like tea that got steeped too long, nutmeg, and bitter wood on the finish. It isn't too bitter or woody, but I'd also have to be in the mood for something like this in order to enjoy it. I do love that the barrel comes through this much though. It shows its age and doesn't taste adulterated whatsoever.

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    Re: The French Spirits Forum- Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados

    Quote Originally Posted by BootsOnTheGround View Post
    Definitely would like to hear feedback on those K&L buys as well. I blame Driscoll for many things, Armagnac is on the top of the list.

    Actually, one of my best scores isn't brown juice at all. 100% grain free and I have to explain to nearly everyone what it is exactly.....
    That Darroze is probably a home run, great pick up. I am enjoying the Darroze 20 recently. It retained all it's complexity but it's edges really rounded off after some air time in a half full bottle and now it's even better than when first opened.

    Driscol seems to prefer the Brandy's that are at least a little Bourbonesque and that fits my palate very well.

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    Re: The French Spirits Forum- Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados

    Bought 2 bottles of Delord 1978 Armagnac yesterday. Regret not buying 25yr Delord when I had the chance so wasn't going to let these go by...



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