Curious if anyone has tried this yet.

Can't recall what brought it to my attention (thought maybe a post here, but can't find one - maybe a tasting notice from Tower?), but I e-mailed them with some questions several weeks back. Here are the questions followed by their response:

1. Where can one find your products?
A: Ivy Mountain products are found in various places throughout the state. Most people in the Atlanta area seem very familiar with Tower locations.

2. What is the Georgia Sour Mash Whiskey aged in? (ie - is it aged in a new, charred white oak barrel? a new barrel of some other type? a first-fill, used bourbon barrel?)
A: Our aged whiskey resides in used American oak barrels purchased from Jack Daniel's.

3. How long is the whiskey aged? If there is no age statement, or the age differs based on the barrels used in a batch, can you provide some estimate as to the age range?
A: Presently, we have close to six hundred barrels aging. That is a lot of work to accomplish in 1 1/2 years! Each batch is labeled on the bottle. The longer it ages, the better.

4. Does your mashbill more closely resemble a corn whiskey (ie - 85% or more corn), or a bourbon whiskey (51-70% corn with rye or wheat grain, along with barley)?
A: Daddy makes his own mash - it is an authentic sour mash. Yes, it resembles very closely a bourbon. He himself sprouts his corn, grinds it at the spring (where we have the best spring water!), and adds barley and/or rye and wheat.

5. Everyone perceives taste differently, but would you say the taste profile of the product is more closely aligned with a corn whiskey (ie - Mellow Corn, Southern Corn Whiskey) or a bourbon whiskey (ie - Evan Williams, etc)?
A: Taste is a personal matter. A true whiskey connoisseur will comment that Ivy Mountain Sour Mash Whiskey (86 proof) is smooth and comparable to a good Kentucky bourbon.

Their response to the aging makes me wonder if they're releasing some now, but holding some back to age longer.

Anyone try or see this, or hear anything else about it?