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Finally grabbed a larceny, have wanted to try it for a while just never pulled the trigger..
while i liked it when i first tried it, now i dont care for it. i have a nearly full bottle that just sits here, waiting for those party nights when my friends who DONT like the barrel proof stuff u like come over. that and the 4RSingle Barrel. neither of those do i enjoy whatsoever. I once had a BArrel proof 4R and enjoyed it, but not this one. also, id pass right over the Larceny and grab a HH white BIB first, its cheaper and better.

im starting to be one of those guys who doesnt care for the HH house taste. didnt pick up on it at first but am starting to.

Larceny isnt bad at all, its just that i find it too weak/bland/whatever you want to call it. unremarkable maybe best says it. but, obviously, there are more fans of sub-100 proofers than there are fans of 100+ proofers, so i am in the minority.

drink up!