One of my friends works for a company that designs bottles and labels for the wine and spirits industry. Sometimes they will use existing bottle/glass designs for a new product, and just design a label, but many times companies will want unique glass for their product. Many people are highly influenced by marketing and packaging, so I was curious what many of you thought was a superior design from purely visual and tactile aspect.

I know the first time I saw the BTAC bottle design I was smitten. The tall, clear bottle with the thick base and minimal label was very attractive before I even tasted the contents. I also appreciate the Parker's Heritage Collection, Four Roses Small Batch LE, and Rittenhouse Single Barrel packages. On the rougher side of things, the High West bottles and labels fit so well with the image the company projects in their marketing. And if we cross over to the dark side, you have to hand it to Bruichladdich; they know their way around a bottle!

I find it interesting that one of the most coveted whiskey products these days, the Van Winkle line, features a relatively amateurish portfolio of labels on such unremarkable bottles.

We all know what really matters is what is IN the bottle. Take that factor out of the picture entirely. What whiskey products influence you strongly in this way?