Iíll be driving from VA to central MO in a few weeks, and this will probably be my only ďhuntĒ for 2013. Iíll be getting there via I-64 and I-70. For those not familiar or not looking at a map this will take me through WV, straight across KY, through the Southern tips of IN & IL and through part of MO. Iím looking for some help from anyone willing to give it on obtaining some items as I wonít have a lot of time to gallivant around hunting stuff. The items are:

  • FRSB 2013 (Limited Edition)
  • FRSmB 2012 (Limited Edition)
  • PHC 2012 (Blend of Mashbills)
  • THH 2012
  • ER17 2012
  • WT101 rye
  • EC12 Barrel Proof
  • PVW15 (Stitzel-Weller version)Öha ha haÖjust kidding on this one

Iíd also like to know if the side trip to the FR distillery to pick up whatever they are selling in the gift shop at that point is worth it.

So, with all that said anyone want to help a brother out?

Disclaimer: if you want to PM me with any info so as not to post it publicly that information will stay between you and I, and will not be disseminated to anyone else without your written consent Öseriously though my lips are sealed and I wonít say thing. Also, I donít know how much help I can be on giving info since I havenít been out of VA in a while, but I can offer up any intel I gain when I get back from this trip (which will be sent via PM to those who provide intel).

Oh yeah, and Iím only looking for a bottle of each of the items above (with the exception of the WT101 ryeÖIíd like to get a few bottles of this), so I wonít be clearing shelves or anything dumb like that.