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This isn't a new phenomenon, nor one limited to bourbon or any other whiskey, it is one of the most basic principles of free market economics
I hear ya port on the basic concept--this is nothing new in general, and is certainly not specific to bourbon. But I am saying that it just seems to be getting worse. For example, about 6-8 months ago, I found about 8 bottles of Vintage 17 wheater at my local Total Wine for $65, right in the ballpark of their going rate. I bought several of them, and the rest went quickly thereafter. Even less than a year later, I just get the sense that with how hot premium bourbon and whiskey are, I would find them priced higher than regular price if they were still out there.

Last year's FRSmB LE (and the 2011 that lasted longer) were consistently $79.99, and I fear they'll be higher this year. The worst of the marking up "just because we can" will probably be left for PVW, but it sure seems to be spreading. Whatever--plenty of great stuff to go around, much of it still very affordable.