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OFbday is one limited that sticks around for a little while. We received a fair amount and it is moving steadily. Early reviews have been very good.

Were the prices for the limited releases at the place outside of louisville normal or inflated? I have seen some AE rye out there lately, not sure if more was released or these places dont have the clientele to sell it quickly. I would be curious to know where the 4R limited is. I would love to have a "backup" bottle.

Was the makers mark the pitino bottle? We sold out in 15 minutes and received more phone calls in the next week than even the bourbons named Van Winkle.
Prices were normal. AE rye was at $70, what I have seen it for elsewhere. Maker's Mark was the rainbow colored bottle. Personally not a fan of MM or that bottle.

I've got a couple bottles of 2013 4RLESB that a Bourbon Exchange member didn't want. PM me if you're interested.