Hi All: I'm a 33-year old male in Albany, NY. I started drinking single-malt scotch in my early 20s to complement my then-budding fascination with premium cigars. I began to enjoy scotch, but never really loved it.
Somewhere in my mid-20s, I started ordering Makers Mark on the rocks whenever I'd go out to a bar. My wife noticed this, and began buying me bottles of bourbon for birthdays/anniversaries, and she always got good stuff thanks to advice from our local liquor proprietor.
So now, bourbon is really all I drink, save for some good red wine here and there. I drink the good stuff neat or with a splash of room-temperature water, depending on whether I need to scale back the alcohol (Bookers, Noah's Mill, etc.). Most nights, I enjoy either a Manhattan over ice or an Old-Fashioned over ice. The current stars of my cabinet are 2 bottles of Pappy 23 and 1 bottle of Pappy 20. I used to always have some Elijah Craig 18-year on hand, but seems this is now out of production?
I am always looking for recommendations of bourbon labels that I haven't tried before. The Pappy 20/23 labels are the only north-of-$100 bottles I've ever tried, but I'd certainly like to try others. Additionally, in the "regular price" range, I always enjoy trying something new. I love Basil Hayden for mixing cocktails as described above; the relatively-low (80 proof) alcohol content makes for a very easy-drinking after-work beverage. Still, I'm open to other suggestions in the $35-50/750ml bottle price range.