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    First post, I am very happy to be here!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bourbon Boiler View Post
    Welcome to the board. Joining is the best thing you've ever done for your taste buds, but you've done better things for your wallet.
    Welcome. And this is the perfect intro from BB
    "On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero"
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    Re: First post, I am very happy to be here!

    Quote Originally Posted by bllygthrd View Post
    Dan ...

    Welcome. A good wife is hard to find ... looks like you found one! Enjoy ...
    Since your wife is accustomed to buying for you, perhaps she could offer you a blind tasting of bourbons from the mid and lower shelves: OGD BIB and 114, Weller 12 and OWA, ETL, EC 12, BT, ER 10, Dickel 12, Larcency, EWSB. I highly recommend AAA 10YO and VOB BIB but they are probably not available where you are.
    If God made anything better than bourbon he must have kept it for Hisself.

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    Re: First post, I am very happy to be here!

    Welcome from NWGA. Only been here 2 wks but you'll everyone is super friendly and informative. This place just contains a wealth of knowledge!

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    Re: First post, I am very happy to be here!

    Quote Originally Posted by Richnimrod View Post
    Hello Dan. Glad to have you aboard.
    You might like Elmer T. Lee SB in the range you mentioned, and/or (for a bit more dough) Four Roses Single Barrel is reliably tasty.
    I second both of these suggestions. ETL is great neat and is the only bourbon I've ever enjoyed on ice. It also has a profile - kind of like a dessert bourbon with a bit of spice and without cloying sweetness - that doesn't have any extreme notes in any one direction.

    I don't know what others experience, but I've found that Four Roses single barrel can at times be sour, so I try to pick up private selections. Tons of retailers, including a bunch online, carry their own picks. Even if they didn't spend much time on the pick, I haven't had a bad one yet, while I'm had a few forgettable ones that were not picked (well, I guess I picked them...).



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