So I've found that I really enjoy porter beer. In fact, I find myself enjoying Yuengling Porter almost exclusively these days. I dislike the hoppy beers it seems everyone is making these days and I like the thickness that porter has. I love that coffee/chocolate/caramel flavor that comes from the dark grains. I also don't care much for the overly-malty tasting porters and stouts. I think this is why I've gravitated to the Yuengling Porter. It's not very malty, and the majority of the flavor comes from the grains. It is not overpowered or too-bittered by hops, and it's not terribly thick, nor thin as even their lager. It just strikes the right balance for me.

This all being said, what other dark beers should I try? Would Newcastle Brown Ale be a good one? I see it around often and I've been tempted to try it. Are there other good porters out there that are inexpensive and readily available?