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Why do they call it Pot Still? Was it once made with a pot still a couple hundred years ago?
Based on what the tour guide told me when I visited the Willett Distillery this past spring, they call it Pot Still because that is the type of still they are currently using (although none of the juice coming of their pot still has aged enough to be bottled), and the pot still image is central to their marketing efforts (it is on much of their logo-emblazoned merchandise in the gift shop). And their Pot Still Reserve product is supposed to be their flagship brand. Eventually, when their own distillate finally matures, I suppose that they would then bottle it in their Pot Still Reserve bottles, making it more accurate. Per their website, the original Willett Distillery, dating back to the late 1930's, used a beer still and a column still (http://www.kentuckybourbonwhiskey.co...ett-story.html).