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    Re: BOTM 7/13: Willet Pot Still Reserve

    Quote Originally Posted by wildrnesxperienc View Post
    I'm a huge fan of Willett Family Estate bottlings but the Pot Still boubon is not for me. Too new mak-y, raw and corny. I think the flashy bottle really appeals to people who are new to bourbon/don't really know what they're buying and get won over by the design.
    I couldn't agree more. I'll steer folks looking for a pretty bottle to Pot Still, but the one I sampled was on the flat side. When quality of the juice is more important, I usually steer to better products at lower price points.

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    Re: BOTM 7/13: Willet Pot Still Reserve

    I picked up one of these just before xmas - initial thoughts were that it was OK neat - nothing special but perfectly pleasant. Then tried it with a splash of water and didn't like it that way. Then tried a pour and let it stand for 10-15 mins - this made all the difference for me. Seemed to open up a few new flavours - was even getting a hint of orange in the nose.

    Overall, I like it but it's overpriced (48 in England which is about $80 in the US) and i doubt i'd buy it again as there are better bourbons out there for less. If I ever saw it on offer for a decent price i'd probably pick one up (but that's unlikely to happen!).



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