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    Success with Bourbon!

    I was having a little bit of trouble before, as some of you know from my threads, finding a bourbon that I liked.

    Well, I went out last weekend to a local bar and was just going to get a beer until I saw some Wild Turkey 101 (at least I think it was WT101 b/c it had a white/creme label...I couldn't read it from behind the bar).

    I remember reading on here about it, so I ordered some on the rocks. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it very much! I'll probably order it again just to make sure before going out and buying a bottle.

    Anywho, the purpose of this is to see what you all think about WT101. What other bourbons would you recommend that are similar?

    Thanks everyone! Hooah!


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    Re: Success with Bourbon!

    It's representative, If you like Bourbon It will no doubt please. I'm sure there's someone and they will chime in but I don't recall seeing anyone say they don't like it. Russell's Reserve at 10 years old and Good enough for Jimmy Russell to put his name on it is even better. My favorite Wild Turkey is the 12 year but it has been out of US distribution for a while and will be discontinued completely. It is not cheap 48-55 a 750ml. But it is to me the best from them bar none.

    I think liking Wild Turkey says a few things, It's flavorful, Has Rye Spiceyness, Aged in #4 char barrels, so a lot of wood flavors are there. Along those same lines are Old Forester,Knob Creek, Elijah Craig 12,Booker's.

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    Re: Success with Bourbon!

    I've got to agree with everything Bobby said. If you liked the 101 try the Russel's Reserve. I find it to be just as flavorful and robust, but more refined. I really like RR especially at $21 a 750ml. And yep, the 12 year is really special but can be pricey and hard to find now.

    As for other options, Bobby is again right on with Old Forester, Knob Creek, EC 12, and Bookers. I'd also throw in Ezra Brooks Single Barrel 15 year if you can find it, it has a very robust flavorful profile as well.



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