Thanks to many of you here on SB, I've recently discovered a love of gracefully aged ryes. Given my lack of history/experience with the subject, my perspective on the lack of aged rye products on the market could be skewed... But it appears to me that there's not a lot of aged ryes in the pipelines and the semi-regular releases are drawing from diminishing stocks. This coupled with the Rye shortage in general nets a negative outlook on the prospect of more older Rye products.

A few questions:

- Saz18/VWFRR: there's only so much of this left so what's the plans to replenish/substitute existing stock? Or will said expressions simply cease to exist?

- Do we know if any of the "Majors" are laying away barrels of ryes for longer aging?

- Any rumors / insider info on the possibility of more releases of older ryes?

Thanks again for all your help & gracious sharing of knowledge!