Current Van Winkle rye is the tanked COK/Medley vatting and they are hoping BT has sufficiently aged rye for them once it runs out. I've never heard anyone definitively state what the currently tanked Saz 18 is, but my guess is that it's Bernehim. I'm sure BT is going to do the best they can to stretch that stuff out until their own distillate is ready.

From what I understand, there's no more aged Ritt left, the 21, 23, 25 were all from the same distillation presumably from the old HH distillery. Given that they only just started distilling their own rye a few years ago and can't seem to keep up with demand for Ritt 100, I can't imagine they have aged stuff around, bu who knows, maybe they've got some of the Brown Forman barrels hiding out in the warehosue.

KBD seems to be out of all rye except young LDI.

Old Potrero just released an 18 year old version of their Hotalings Rye. I have no idea how much of it they have left, but they may be the only source of current rye of that age until the BT stocks come of age.