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    Re: Do SBers Stock Up on Value Bourbons?

    If I see a good sale price on something I like, I get a couple. In the past, stores around here have had problems keeping some brands like Weller, and Ritt on the shelves. That's another reason to grab more than one. I actually think I save gas, and waste less time this way. Plus I live in a state with no Sunday sales. We have to plan ahead.

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    Re: Do SBers Stock Up on Value Bourbons?

    Right now I only have a couple of value pours bunkered:

    - A few bottles of Weller 12 and OWA. Weller 12 because of the possibility of shortages and OWA because there is a shortage of it here in Indiana.

    - A handle of EW Black Label that Target had on clearance for $13 a few weeks ago.

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    Re: Do SBers Stock Up on Value Bourbons?

    squire, only five year supply? you aren't planning for apocalypse? ya never know when tragedy strikes like wild turkey flooding the Ohio or fires at heaven hill. have ya not been watching the zombie training films? you think hollywood isn't in cahoots with the feds gettin' us ready???

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    Re: Do SBers Stock Up on Value Bourbons?

    I don't stock up on value stuff per say. But being in Iowa when I travel somewhere that has much better prices I'll pick up multiple bottles. Usually it's four roses which can be a little difficult to find, and expensive. I typically only buy enough to make it to my next planned trip out of state though.



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