Made a trip to Frankfort, KY and found this hidden in a small bar with an attached package store ... my apologies for my ramblings ...
Its an 8YR BIB, from HH. Ended up buying all six bottles the guy had in stock.

The back of the bottle states: "This whiskey is 8 years old" and "Distilled by The Stonegate Distillery D.S.P. KY. 31 Bardstown, KY 40004"

It appears to be from HH's old distillery that burned down in 1996.

The 375mL bottle was made by Anchor Glass Container Corporation (spun off from Anchor Hocking in 1983) and has an 83 date stamp.

Back label contains the Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act of 1988 Government Warning. No tax stamp.

I'm guessing this stuff was bottled in the late 90s ... am I wrong?

BTW, the sons-in-law and I tasted it Sunday night ... with cigars ... and it was the sweetest bourbon I have ever tasted. Lots of honey and molasses ... and no heat. Not the best I've ever had ... but by no means the worst.