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    What's your favorite BIB and why?

    Just curious to see what is popular and why. I seem to like 100+ proofers and have spent more time experimenting with various BIBs than anything else. Since theyre almost all between $10 and $20, what do you like or dislike about various ones?

    Ive tried VOB, OGD, HH white, HH gold, EW, and (though not currently labeled as a BIB anymore) Forester 100. Ive yet to try McKenna, JTSB, Dant, or Fitz.

    Of the ones ive tried, id probably pick the EW BIB if I had to pick only one, though ive not found any that were disagreeable.

    VOB and OGD were extremely similar to me.

    HH white was pretty good (like the OGD/VOB similarity, its extremely similar to the EW BIB), but the gold tasted like a younger version (probably 4 compared to 6)

    Forester wouldve been my last pick of what ive tried.

    Of the ones ive not tried, would anyone recommend any of them worthy?

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