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Now, now guys. Let's not go all Parker on the writer, editor, chef. I think he's onto the greatest thing since the Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring. Any of you SBers with "real world bourbon experience" plus $50 for the book, $25 for the guidelines, and $225 for the test can then hang our your shingle to practice bourbonology. Somebody's going to pay it. Somebody always pays it.
Option B is to spend the $300 on bourbon and become self-taught and self-certified.
Option C: After you have consumed $300 of bourbon, send me $10 and I'll print you an ornate Gothic-lettered certificate, suitable for framing, that authorizes you to practice bourbonology in The Great State of Inebriation. (Or Commonwealth if you prefer.)
WOW! I cannot wait to see what I get when I drink $1000 worth of bourbon! It is like saving Bazooka comics for grown-ups.