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I am new too, but I think I've found my 5:

Elmer T. Lee
Weller SR or 12
Elijah Craig12
Eagle Rare10
Evan Williams10
Sorry for the confusion.
For some reason Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10 years old is "ER10" and Evans Williams Single Barrel 10 years old is "EWSB" on these forums. I just typed it wrong. Perhaps it should be ERSB10 and EWSB10????

I think these are my 5 affordable bourbons to keep around. I certainly enjoy Rock Hill Farms, Maker's 46, Blanton's, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, Pappy 15, Angel's Envy and many more, but a solid 5 that are easy on the pocket book is how I approached this. I hope to keep trying more and moving forward through the journey.

Thanks all!