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    There's been some cool articles coming out on blending and one of the interesting factoids that came to light in my readings is that it is fairly common to nose & taste the candidate blends @ 20% ABV. Given even Single Malts are essentially blends comprised of a mix of whiskies from a single distillery, this practice is repeated for just about every bottle of whisky on the shelf (with the notable exception of Single Barrel selections) - in fact, "Small Batch" really means "Blend". The entire process is fascinating and I have to credit SB & Gillman for opening my eyes to this world via the gateway expression famously known as the SB Blend.

    Here's a fascinating discussion by Compass Box's John Glaser on how they came about the recipe (includes component malts) for the Flaming Heart 4th Edition (2012):

    I applaud CB's openness in revealing the sources of their blends - I wish there was more transparency like this in the whisky world!

    Here's some of the links I've been reading this AM:


    Some links to SB Blend Threads:

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