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Well, I promised myself that I would continue to sip on this to see if things change over time. So, I've sipped on this exclusively two nights in a row over the weekend. The first night, I had a couple of pours of this after half a bottle of bordeaux. It tasted much better and I actually somewhat enjoyed those couple of pours. So, I had a couple more pours of this exclusively the following night and it was decent as well! So, I will say that it has either improved with it being opened now for a couple months or I have gotten accustomed to the taste or it simply is a bourbon that does not do well among others (I have found this to be true with a few others, to my palate of course).

I don't know if I would be buying more of this at $42 but I will definitely say that I can actually enjoy BMH and can understand others who enjoy this.
How long did you let it breathe, on the rocks or straight. I'd like to give it one more chance but honestly so far its been terrible. Maybe Ill do as you did and have it after a couple of glasses of wine.