Received Happy 4th of July wishes from an old friend in Brasil yesterday ... he affectionately calls me "boilermaker" ... so I thought I'd share the story.

I visited Brasil often for 10-15 years for business, and made many friends. They introduced me to pinga (Cachaça) and Caipirinhas ... and asked me to introduce them to a "local" drink from my youth. I grew up in a blue collar, polish neighborhood, and a boilermaker came to mind.

I brought a bottle of EW on my next trip, and during a Brazilian BBQ at the plant manager's home ... I proceeded to make boilermakers for my 4 Brazilian friends. For those unfamiliar with a Buffalo boilermaker ... you fill a shot glass with bourbon, and drop the filled shot glass into a glass of beer (Brahma in this case) ... and enjoy.

The four of them polished off a 1L bottle of EW ... and the accompanying beers. They truly got plastered!

At the closing meeting the next day ... the plant manager and his staff had huge hangovers ... and just kept muttering "no more boilermakers" ... they also started calling me "boilermaker" ... and this spread to my south american locations ... everyone started calling me "boilermaker".

It became mandatory on subsequent trips that I bring a bottle of bourbon, and make boilermakers for those that that heard the story and wanted to try them ... good times and fond memories.