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    Charles Goodnight Bourbon?

    Has anyone tried this? Saw it on a shelf yesterday, almost certainly an NDP (not that there's anything wrong with that), label says it's a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 100 proof and aged 6 years. I didn't bite, but I've seen worse prices ($40) on bourbon that was lower proofed or less aged. Just curious if anyone has sampled this offering or knows where it was sourced from.

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    Re: Charles Goodnight Bourbon?

    Sounds like you could pick up a HH6 BIB (if it's available near you) for less than half the price and have the same stuff.

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    Re: Charles Goodnight Bourbon?

    Try here:


    Whether it's HH or not Kentucky only has a few distilleries with the capacity to support a nationally distributed brand with it's surplus production and they all put the same stuff in their own brands that are priced much lower. Much like repackaging generic store brand cola in a fancy bottle and passing it off as a super premium. There is an almost irresistible urge to think a new label will offer a different taste sensation but I've learned to buy the steak rather than the sizzle.
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