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    Re: Bottle limit in checked bags?

    wonder if you could get Stagg or Abe Bowman through or if they'd notice the proof.
    We need to get Randy to chime in here with the HazMat story.

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    Re: Bottle limit in checked bags?

    When I fly these days, I put a note in there addressed to the TSA with a copy of their regulations. I also explain how much I'm carrying and how it fits into their guidelines. I haven't had a single issue since I began doing that.

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    Re: Bottle limit in checked bags?

    I flew back last year from a business trip with 12 bottles in one box. Luckally most were BTAC which look a lot like wine bottles, so I assume that is the only reason I made it through. Needless to say I was anxiously waiting for that box in the baggage claim.

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    Re: Bottle limit in checked bags?

    Before 9-11, I flew from Boston to Jax with 6 bottles of Dalmore 12yr as my 2 carry on bags. My former neighborhood merchant had it for $25 a bottle (instead of $45 to $60).



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