Hi from Central VA!

I recently found the forums and decided to try to start participating more often. I got into bourbon a few years back after making pit stops with the blended whiskies and such earlier in life. I received a whiskies of the world book last year for a gift and the bourbon section really got me going. From that point I'd mostly dabbled, tasting random top and midshelf items haphazardly, until taking a trip to Louisville a few months back for my brother's bachelor party. We did tours of Maker's, KBD, Barton and Beam, as well as a self guided trip to Woodford Reserve (still kicking myself for not making it to Buffalo Trace or 4R!). Seeing all the different makes and brands from the same distilleries really piqued my interest. In the past couple months I've made a habit of stopping in liquor stores when traveling to see what they had. I have a pretty good understanding of what I like when it comes to top shelf items, but the bargain buys and great tasting items in the $15 to $30 range has really been exciting.

Really hoping to just broaden my interests and tastes here with you guys.