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Naw...I didn't even know ECBP was available here till recently. A buddy got me a bottle, and that's good enough. I have way too much stuff to work my way through so I don't usually buy more than one bottle of anything. The one thing I do want to get that I haven't been able to yet the Abraham Bowman Millennium.

Yeah, I don't know what's up with the BTAC, but only certain stores get a decent quantity of it and GTS seems to be the easiest one to get. They don't carry THH, and I've never tried to get a Saz 18 yet.
There are a few of the Bowman Millenium left around here in the main stores. As of a couple weeks ago there were only 2 left. But when I visited last week it was restocked. So it seems they're still sending them out. It'd be nice if VA had a list of the "main" stores in each district that receive the shipments.