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    Importance of Whiskey 210 years ago

    I just came across this doing a little Lewis & Clark research.


    Q: How important was whiskey on the expedition?

    A: You know, Napoleon said, whenever you set off on a march, make sure youíve got
    plenty of beer and wine along and that itís enough to last until you get far
    enough away from camp so that nobody can desert. And thatís basically what
    happened with Lewis and Clark. They brought enough whiskey along to get them
    through to the Great Falls. And then they ran out. Well that was way too late
    for anybody to desert. They measured out the whiskey, gave them about enough, a
    gill of whiskey, about four ounces, enough so that under todayís conditions you
    would be described as legally drunk by a, by a police officer if you were
    driving. Then they began to water that whiskey down to stretch it out. Every man
    in the expedition knew exactly how much whiskey was left. So when Pvt. Hall got
    into the whiskey barrel one night near present-day Kansas City, and then got
    himself drunk and was taking more than his share, they had a court martial, he
    was found guilty, and they ordered 100 lashes well laid on. And from the
    descriptions of the event, the Indian chief who saw this, an Otoe chief, just
    cried at the sight of this. They just beat the holy hell out of Hall for this,
    because that was their whiskey that he had stolen.

    Of course, SB.com has already discussed this here:


    But as the thread has been dead for 101 months, I thought I'd bring it up again.

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    Re: Importance of Whiskey 210 years ago

    Quote Originally Posted by Bourbon Boiler View Post
    But as the thread has been dead for 101 months, I thought I'd bring it up again.
    Any thread containing a post from Tim/TNBourbon is a great thread BB. Enjoy the story about Pvt. Hall too, the poor bastard.


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    Re: Importance of Whiskey 210 years ago

    Actually Hall was punished for sleeping on guard duty and it wasn't his first offense.

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    Re: Importance of Whiskey 210 years ago

    I would have beat hell out of him for stealing my whiskey too.



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