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    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    The Col E. H. Taylor rye is going to be an annual release, so they're making it at least once a year. It's not a one-off like the CEHT sour mash was. How much they're making and whether or not it might show up as something else is unknown, but with BT anything is possible. The mash bill is just rye and malt, like MGP Indiana, but they're not saying what the proportions are. 95/5? 90/10? 85/15? No way to know for sure unless they tell us. Like the age, they're not saying.
    I had my first drink of it the other day, and I noted complexity without too heavy a mouthfeel or too heavy a woody influence. I was a big fan, enough that I might go and pick up my own bottle soon. Glad to hear it will be an annual release. Funny we are now discussing its mashbill and whether it is a one off, all of which I wasn't aware of when I recommended the CEHT rye to MM in the second post of this thread. Just goes to show, leave it to the experts.
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